Benskins is a national production and trading company specializing in Women’s, Men’s and Children’s outwear. We were born in Porto in 2001 and we have National and Foreign Customers.


To be with you from start to finish…

We want to bring added value at the moment of conception, we want to ensure quality standards when producing, we want to meet the delivery schedules you trust us with.


There are some pillars that fuse with who we are that help us make decisions on a daily basis. It is the values we brought to Benskins when we founded it, which are rooted in what we are today, that we want to be our legacy tomorrow.


We believe in the excellence of our products, the professionalism of our employees and our capabilities. We work rigorously to pursue concrete objectives within the defined quality standards and production goals and timings that we intend to achieve.


We believe that relationships and good results are based on close relationships. We want to be close to you. We want to be close to the Producers.


We want to be a bridge between the past and the future. We enjoy respecting legacies, good practices, identities and are excited to challenge you to explore and analyze new trends in development and innovation in the textile market.


We want to know what you value, what defines you, what worries you, what you want. We want the ability to put ourselves in your place, as this is the best way to give you the solutions your business needs.